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Emma has always had a passion for art in all its mediums. Her mother Gabby realises that her daughter has a gift, just like herself and her own sisters and decides it is time for Emma to spend a day with them at one of their favourite art galleries.

Together the women discuss and enjoy the use and experience of art as a way to express or tell a story, but her mother and her aunts know far more, they know that Emma has the talent and ability like them, to fall into the art and meet interesting people and have unique experiences.

Emma has the opportunity to meet and learn of men and women who exhibit patience, endurance and love.

One piece of art decides that Emma is the one that can help, a sculpture of a hand created by a mourning mother. It sits on a stand, neglected and longing for attention. The hand is pleading for help and when Emma stops to admire it, it grabs her and takes her to an outer Melbourne beach and a place where she meets the ghost of a murderer and tries to save a lost soul.

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