The Falling Sky
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It is the future, when teleportation is not only feasible but now being blended with society’s imaginings of physical beauty.
What would you do if you could teleport your memories, longings, experiences and personality into your personal version of physical perfection?

Lucy catches sight of an improved version of herself - the 3DMe - during a commercial. The Tele-P-eLastics company is advertising for candidates to trial plastic surgery during teleportation. The display takes her breath away and ignites a longing inside to become the perfect on-screen version of her physical self. She believes she is in love with a man who truly doesn’t feel the same for her and this causes her to think that a re-made Lucy will catch his eye and his heart.

Along comes Daniel –tall, interesting, attractive and ostensibly interested in Lucy.
Can he help her to see her inner beauty or will Lucy succumb to pop-culture’s pressure and become the someone she believes she was meant to be?
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781493187966
List price: $3.99
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