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Zhao Jinglun, a native of China who spent a third of his life in the United States, leads you on a fascinating journey focusing on Sino-U.S. relations and other world issues.

Whether it’s Barack Obama’s bid to gain more leverage in the Asia-Pacific region, the disturbing beginnings of a surveillance state, or the drone war being waged by the United States on multiple fronts, he tackles the issues that other commentators shy away from and poses solutions to bolster relations and resolve conflicts.

He also exposes the true nature of Shinzo Abe’s right-wing Japanese government, its brazen denial of Japan’s war crimes, and its undisguised plan to revive Japanese militarism.

You’ll also learn about other major world issues, including the civil war in Syria, the military coup in Egypt, Mali and the fight for Africa, and other conflicts that will shape the future of the world we live in. His views often differ sharply from those promoted by his home country or leaders in the United States, but he offers keen insights on finding common ground by learning from the past and looking into The World Mirror.

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ISBN: 9781491729946
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