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What else could explain such a series of coincidental meetings? The assembly of the demigod children, each with the mysterious, unpredictable magic stirring just beneath the surface of their skin, thrown together under such strenuous circumstances as this: genocide… Genocide, with no outside aid to ever come: brutal, bloody genocide. Men, women, children, tiny babes, did it matter to them? The murderers? No.
Yet it must have been fate, the way those demigod children met, defiant in the face of such deadly circumstances—hopeful where no hope remained. And the young, ignorant and inexperienced leader of this rag-tag group of children is all that may linger standing between what shreds of hope remain for the demigod-kind, and total, complete obliteration of every one of them.
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781499009040
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