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Servants of the Empire

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When the Empire’s list of known foreign agents on its soil is compromised, a series of violent murders ensue in the capital. Major John Gresham, still recovering from his last encounter with the nebulous conspiracy linking the Crimson Dragons and the terrorist Forbidden Army, is sent to the krokator home world to continue the work of one of the slain spies.

What he and his partner Akgu Zurra soon discover is that the Emperor’s house is full of traitors, and that the enemy has people at every level of the Imperial government, ready to carry out the final phase of their revolution. When they both come to be framed for crimes they did not commit, they will come to be threatened by friend and foe alike.

Loyalties will be tested and life-altering sacrifices will be made as the very foundation of krokator society is shaken to its core in “Servants of the Empire,” the third installment of the “League of Planets Adventure” from Henrik Rohdin.

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