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The Storyteller came like a wraith out of the desert and placed an unheard of power into Mari's hands.

Hours later in the middle of the night thirteen-year-old Mari begins a journey into the land of Chaimara, pursued now by the armies of the Joraghi, who do the bidding of their leader, Yarok-Mas. He wants what Mari has, at any cost.

For a time her guardian is with her, but all too soon Mari must go forward alone, into unknown landscapes and shifting dimensions. Strangers cross her path, some intense and frightening, some quirky and comic, all of them unpredictable. And there are some immersed in darkness and ready to betray her to Yarok-Mas. Others seek to make certain she does not survive.

It is when Mari bands with a small group of rebels who live in the mountains of Dromgorden that the truth of the power is revealed to her, and the destiny that waits.

The high fantasy novel MARI was a finalist in the ListenUp Audiobook contest in October, 2016.

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