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Path to Enlightenment

Path to Enlightenment

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Path to Enlightenment

74 pages
43 minutes
May 14, 2014


Unsatisfied? Worried? Sad? Angry? Frustrated? Enlightenment is a path for those seeking happiness and satisfaction with life.

May 14, 2014

About the author

I was inspired to write, so here I am -- and perhaps you may be inspired to read, so here you are. Greetings.

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Path to Enlightenment - Richard Lawrence


Origin of Enlightenment

How did the Buddha become the Buddha? Not by following Buddhism obviously, since it didn't exist yet, but through experimentation and self-discovery. If the popular origin-story is to be believed, Siddhartha became miserable when he realized life did not match his expectations -- and after entering a state of depression, he sought a way out, so he went on a quest to end his suffering.

He tried techniques popular at the time, but nothing seemed to work, so in his frustration, he sat under a tree for many days. He was finished with trying to find answers outside of himself, so he searched within, and that's where he found his answer.

So following in the Buddha's footsteps, is about altering one's perspective on life until satisfaction is achieved. In other words, it's about finding an interpretation of life that promotes enjoyment. And within this context, it's about changing one's attitude, instead of the external world.

If that's the case, then enlightenment occurs when this satisfying perspective is finally found. In other words, enlightenment is the realization that the world is an enjoyable place. And to reach this conclusion, each seeker must experiment and discover his own particular approach towards contentment, fine-tuning and adjusting his attitude as necessary.


Modern Religion

Religion, if used constructively, is a tool for explaining life in a comforting manner. It's not about infallible technical explanations -- because really, that data is not available -- it's about explaining life in a way that's easier to deal with and in a way that leads to enjoyment. Simply, religion can be a means to attain satisfaction with life.

And just because religion has been used for manipulative and destructive purposes, and as a way to stubbornly retain the past, doesn't mean the concept can't benefit modern civilization. If effectively utilized, religion is not the antithesis of progress, but the pathway to it.

Ideas such as the underlying unity of all lifeforms, the rejection of selfishness, the fulfillment of purpose, the non-finality of death -- these tenets can be reinforced through doctrine and adopted by anyone seeking satisfaction from life.

We can't prove the underlying nature of life, not even after thousands of years of civilization -- so we're left with ideology -- with religion. It is in our interest then, to admit the unknowableness of life and try to piece together a set of ideas to not only cope with life, but to excel within it, facilitating our satisfaction and enjoyment.

Stepping on the Path

We don't experience

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