Reader reviews for BRAND sense: Sensory Secrets Behind the Stuff We Buy

Now while he made sense, and a lot of what he said did resonate he did miss a few things. He missed that while there are sounds associated with brands that people dislike websites that have sounds that can't be turned off. He also missed the frequent comment by bikers that on a Sunday they get down and their knees and pray, by going around steep corners. He also just focused on some of the major brands and really failed to notice some of the other things associated with some brands. He did speak a lot of truth about some of the concepts and how some brands are wining by using a multi-sensory approach to their brands. That a brand can't just think of itself as a stand-alone, it has to ensure it is done in a certain way, which led to a scary story about Singapore Airlines and a twisted plate!Overall it came across as a man who is familiar with the story from the consumer research point of view, not really as the real user or the person who is implementing the brand on the coal face. Interesting but somehow it's missing something.
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