Mystery of the One Arm Prospector and The Supernatural
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The story is about this hermit prospector that had discovered gold in northern Ontario.

The samples he produced indicated his claim would be worth millions of dollars.

He disappeared at the start of June 1971, after he had arranged financing at Toronto. He was seen boarding his bus to return to his claim which was located near the Town of Cobalt in northern Ontario.

He was carrying a large sum of money and may have been robbed and murdered. His body was never found.
George Munroe was different from most prospectors because he was missing his right arm. He had just found out he was going to be very rich and was in good spirit. He would not abandon his claim or disappear. George Monroe was certain he would be rich and had no reason to suddenly disappear.


Much is said about death and most of us do not relish the subject. Death is final and we have little we can do to stop that final step when our spirit leaves out body. Some religions start drumming fear into us from the time we can walk and this form of brain washing continues until we area afraid to doubt anything we are told. Religions are not built on common sense so many of us take a large step forward and question what we have been taught. Some simply refuse to believe anything that is classed as supernatural.

My story is about a man that died while in the emergency department of a large hospital. He was a Roman Catholic with a good marriage and no idea he would find himself in a traffic accident that would cause him to die. He was dead for several minutes and during that time he was out of his body. Upon his returned he remembered everything that transpired while he was dead.

Out of body experiences are not that uncommon and we have heard of people that died and had seen angels. Some even experienced a brief time in heaven.

Does that mean we do not have to wait for the judgment day to get to paradise. Can we be rewarded with everlasting life immediately after we die?

The Christian belief is very simple. When a person accepts Jesus Christ as their savior they are forgiven for their sins. Since they are free of sin there is no logical reason for them to remain in purgatory and they would enter heaven immediately. Assuming that is the case those people that experienced after death experiences were indeed at the gate to heaven or were in heaven. They return to tell stories that are unexplained and so factual there is little room for doubt.

I heard someone saying heaven is just another dimension where out soul goes when we die.

Before you decide what to believe you should read some of the stories telling of their experience after they died and returned.

Read what happened to George Mc Govern. He was dead when his heart stopped for 7 minutes. The doctors said he was able to provide details of their conversations and actions that were impossible for him to know. He even knew the names of the doctors that saved his life. He is only one of many that had that seen that light and then the tunnel to heaven.
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