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How to Pray...And Get Prayers Answered!

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I wrote this book for the purpose of teaching people how to understand and develop personal relationships with God. I feel that understanding who your heavenly father is and how he operates through relationship is the foundation for not only praying, but in getting prayers answered. At the age of eighteen I began to desire an intimate relationship with God after witnessing my best friend pray to God and instantly get a response. I saw firsthand how alive the God we serve was, and how this type of intimate relationship could be achieved with the right direction.
I believe the problem is not that God does not speak to his people, but that his people do not know how to hear his voice.

This book will teach:
•The proper perception we must have of God to form an intimate relationship.
•How to pray prayers that can actually be answered
•Hinderances that prevent prayers from being answered
•Certain requirements that must be present for a prayer to be answered.
•How to hear God’s voice
•And much more!....

As a bonus blessing, I have also included for my readers:
“The Seven Steps to Victory in a Crisis Situation.”

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