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The Internship: Whole New Life (Vol 3)

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In three days it will all be over. Six months ago, I met Mr. Westwick and my life changed—completely. Six months ago, I was your average college freshman. Late nights cranking out term papers. Trying like hell to avoid the “freshman fifteen.” But since starting my internship—sexcapades—with Mr. Westwick, my life hasn’t only changed its evolved. I ate at fancy overpriced restaurants, I’ve taken flights to countries whose names I couldn’t even pronounce: Aruba, Argentina, Montenegro...

My life has been a complete whirlwind of lust and living. I've honestly never felt so free before. So, if you told me that this whole new life I’ve waltzed into was going to go crashing and burning, I never would have believed you. Not even for a second until... I got that phone call.

I hadn’t bothered picking up my cell. Why? Only two people ever bother to call me, Maise and Mr. Westwick. I'd gotten several calls from my Mom's cell, but I stopped picking up. My mom and I haven't spoken for three months. I just got sick of hearing her excuses to get money out of my pocket. So, I ignored her. No big deal, right? Kids ignore their parents all of the time. Finally, one night out of the blue, I just decided to pick up the phone and hear what Maise had to say.

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