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Camping Adventure

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It was a sunny day, when my friend knocks on my door. She came with her luggage, ready to go on camping with me. I remember when we were making some plans two nights ago when we went out to drink some cocktails, but I was thinking that is just a drunk conversation and we will not go camping.
Probably, I was wrong especially when I saw her in front of my door, ready to have some adventure with me. I agree to go on camping for the weekend, so I just pack some of my personal stuffs and we went to have nice and peaceful camping.
The area where we went to camping was really beautiful. Near there was a big camping place, but we decide to put our tent some miles away of the camping place. During the day we were hanging out with campers and I met many new people. There were some interesting and good looking guys in the camp that I notice them during the lunch and some free time.

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