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California Sunshine

Length: 112 pages1 hour


Wanda and Wally, trying to escape from a dead end town, manage to graduate from college and find jobs in far off Southern California.
They go to work for Aardvark Creations, a fashion company.
As they settle in, they find that things are a bit different than they expected.
Wanda and Wally find out that they're expected to work out, night by night, to get into the kind of physical shape that AC expects their employees to be in.
As Wanda and Wally begin to get into shape, they find out that the company culture includes near nudity in public and partner swapping. If Wanda and Wally don't fit in, they lose their jobs and poverty looms.
Since Wanda and Wally have each worked hard to develop had bodies, they don't mind the near nudity. They do mind the partner swapping, but it's that or lose their jobs.
Once Wanda and Wally get into partner swapping, they're required to attend AC training parties. The training is training in sex.
Wanda and Wally then each are assigned customer dates, involving sex.
Then, AC throws an orgy, involving public sex with customers and they either participate or lose their jobs. They are still not at the point where they can get other jobs, due to lack of experience. What are they to do?

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