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Needles & Pins: A Punk Novel

Length: 753 pages9 hours


It's 1975. Kevin Snopes, a bored teenager from Milton Keynes, secures an art college placement in London, where he encounters safety pins, spitting and punk rock. Kevin sees the punk movement ignite around him. He inadvertently gets involved in seditious scrapes, rowdy gigs, bungled robberies, shambolic romances, dirty drug deals, clashes with Teds, cops and seedy media people, and hapless encounters with the top punk bands of the time.

His story follows the intertwining lives of punk pioneers like The Sex Pistols, The Damned, The Clash, Buzzcocks, Ramones, The Adverts, The Stranglers, The Slits, Joy Division, Johnny Moped and many more, witnessing crucial moments in this incendiary, anarchic musical movement. These developments become embroiled in Kevin’s tempestuous love affair with the enigmatic Julie, whose extra curricular college studies get them implicated in some seriously sinister business.

This explosive novel gives you the adrenaline rush of the original punk music, illuminating late seventies life in Great Britain for the uninitiated and those who experienced it alike. Pick it up, punk!

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