Stories and Scripts: an Anthology

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Stories and Scripts: an Anthology

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars5/5 (2 ratings)
Length: 402 pages6 hours


Thought-provoking, dreamy, sad, and hilarious, this collection of works by Zack Love takes the reader on a diverse and unforgettable literary journey through a variety of topics, themes, and emotions. The anthology totals about 73,000 words and contains a novelette, four short stories, a theater play, and a screenplay.

These seven spellbinding stories spanning several styles and genres include a dramatic romance, a satire of the mega-rich, a somber and soulful reflection on the problem of evil, humorous dating adventures, and stories driven by philosophical musings.

The anthology includes:

1) The Doorman – a Novelette (Literary Fiction)

2) Central Park Song – a Screenplay (Romance)

3) The Grand Unified Story – a Short Story (Literary Fiction)

4) City Solipsism – a Short Story (Literary Fiction)

5) Waiting for 2000 – an Absurdist Comedy of Billionaire Proportions (Theater Comedy)

6) My Best Valentine's Day. Ever. – a Short Story (Romantic Comedy)

7) My Worst Valentine's Day. Ever. – a Short Story (Romantic Comedy)
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