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I have completed this manuscript; Just Remember This, updated as American Pop Singers 1900-1950+, about music before the 1950's in America .It offers more knowledge and insights not previously found in other musical reference books. I had more ever been working on this book very meticulously over the past 12 plus years. It started as a bit of fun, and gradually became serious as I began to take the music produced, along with the vocalists of popular music, of the era before 1950, essentially just before the dawn of rock & roll. If you can call it that! Indeed ‘genre’ and labeling of American music started here, and there, and from everywhere. While the old adage of ‘always starting from somewhere’ could be noted in every century, the 1900s had produced the technology. Understanding the necessity, more so finds a curiosity on the part of a general public hungry for entertainment, despite 7 hour work days, World War One, the great depression, and World War Two.
Most people then, and in later decades with later changes, had no interest in the mechanics of how a record player spins or how a motion picture or radio tube works. That’s for the scientists! This book more so sheds light of many of the vocalists, many of them forgotten , many of them buried by the passage of time more so due to still more technology to come. As a baby-boomer, my prospective is LATER, as most all, but not all of the performers researched, were past their prime. More so, many of our elders had it wrong! Big bands? Black face? . Please listen. Just listen! Modern ears just COULD find some ‘rock and roll’? ‘Soul’? ‘Country and Western’? Read and listen. Compare.
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