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Easy Way Out

304 pages4 hours


Patrick O'Neil is a travel agent who never goes anywhere. His closest
confidante, Sharon, is chain-smoking her way to singles hell, passing up man
after man. His parents, proprietors of a suburban men's store whose fortunes
are sagging more visibly than its customers, can't agree how best to interfere
in their sons' lives. And his lover, Arthur (a nice golden retriever of a guy
to whom Patrick can't quite commit), wants to cement their relationship
by buying a house.

Then a call comes in the middle of another sleepless night. Tony, Patrick's
straight-as-an-arrow younger brother, has fallen in love with a beautiful
lawyer who is turning him on to...opera. Unfortunately, she's not the woman he's already pledged to marry. Tony's life is a mess. Finally, the brothers have something in common.

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