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Literary L.A.

Length: 211 pages2 hours


Beyond L.A.'s self-promotional glitter is a hotbed of writers, bohemians, mad poets, exiles and refugees from every form of oppression - and this book tells their stories. The new additions include • bohemian and apocalyptic streams in L.A. writing • the thriving coffeehouse scene, including the new L.A. poets • additional chapters by John Ahouse.

Among the transients, literary gypsies, bohemians and writers in imposed or self-imposed exile are Oscar Zeta Acosta, Charles Bukowski, Henry Miller, Ken Kesey, Carey McWilliams, Charles Lummis, Jacob Zeitlin, Louis Adamic, Nathanel West, Robinson Jeffers, Malcolm Lowry, Thomas and Heinrich Mann, Upton Sinclair, John Steinbeck, Aldous Huxley, Jack London, Theodore Dreiser, and many others

“Now Huxley’s days in California are recalled in a new book and given a special echo by the 25th anniversary of an organisation founded by his widow, Laura, who is still energetically putting into practice some of the Utopian principles articulated in ISLAND. The book is LITERARY LA, by Lionel Rolfe, son of the pianist Yaltah Menuhin and nephew of Yehudi. An LA-based journalist, author of FAT MAN ON THE LEFT, and raconteur, Rolfe has compiled an entertaining collection on writers including Jack London, Theodore Dreiser, Malcolm Lowry, Charles Bukowski and Huxley.” —Duncan Campbell, Guardian

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