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No Girls Allowed

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“One thing I knew for sure, she did have a disease but it was something no boy stood a chance against. No matter how timid she seemed to be, Lisa was still a girl.”
Growing up in the midwestern town of Hessville, Indiana in the early 60's, Kevin Blair is learning not so quickly that the girls around him are not all they seem to be. From budding fashion designer cousins in search of the perfect model to a classmate in search of a special ring, he finds himself in one disaster after another. When the onset of puberty strikes it doesn't help much either, leaving him at the mercy of all things feminine and his naive view of the world; a cross between Curious George and Godzilla.
"If I would’ve had the common sense of say, a sixth grader, I might have suspected there was more to this, especially after the ... fiasco, but I was also dealing with my arch nemesis, a girl, and a sixth grade girl at that."
‘No Girls Allowed’ is a humorous recollection of the events that made growing up in the Sixties so unforgettable.

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