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Quick and Easy Techniques to Safely Jump-start Your Weight Loss

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Hi there. So nice of you to be here. So you want to lose some weight, or get healthier. I applaud you for this undertaking.
Let me introduce myself. My name is Beverly and I am a RN. I have over 30 years of experience in helping people in crisis, starting with a degree in Psychology from VPI&SU. I have been a Registered Nurse since 1993. By far my most intense experiences came from over 15 years working in a state-run mental institution. Believe me when I say there is not a person that I have taken care of that did not have some problem which had a food component. Occasionally some fights even break out over food, and I totally get it. By the time they get to me, they have little choice in what or even when they are told to eat. I much prefer it when people have their own choices that they can make.
Too many illnesses are caused by our lifestyle. All of our health is influenced by our food choices; what, when and how we eat. As a nurse I have to deal with people who are struggling to regain their health. I would be happy if I never had another patient hospitalized because of the diet they ate or a diet they tried. The real question is often not how to lose weight, but more “Why do I have to struggle with this all the time?” This is where I can help you. I am not going to propose another Miracle diet, what I propose here is making a change to a Healthy Lifestyle. Make this change and your weight should fall right into line, without you stressing over it. You begin by making the decision that this is something you want to do for you and then start taking steps in that direction. The only way you can fail here is if you don’t try.
Here I will give you over 50 Tips, Hints, and Techniques to make changes toward a healthy lifestyle. Starting with the first step, always the most important, I guide you over 4 steps to take as you begin your challenge. You will explore the internal and external factors that can impact your success. Address 9 common barriers to success and 18 options to set up an environment for success. You will look at some unconventional areas for change; including 25 tips to make small changes, eat more to weigh less, and a daily dose of chocolate.
Surprise there is little information here on the proper food choices to lose weight, it also barely hints at exercise. Remember I told you there was more to success than just the food. For right now I want you to put the focus on what you will gain, better health overall and improving any specific co-existing disorders you may be having. You are going to take back your power and begin to start feeling a lot better about yourself.
Start right now. Make a choice; will you Live to Eat or Eat to Live?

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