Is Wilderness Survival 4 Me?
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Designed to be small and therefore inexpensive, the "A Wilderness Survival Topic" series of mini eBooks provide valuable wilderness survival information in a no-nonsense manner. This is the first book in a multi-topic series of survival information eBooks aimed at those who love or travel through the great outdoors, or are subject to potential natural or man-made disasters.

Volume 1: "Is Wilderness Survival 4 Me"

This book is not for those who are already experienced in wilderness survival. It is specifically for those who are interested in the subject, and want to know more.

If you are merely curious, but really don't know whether you wish to spend the money on a large expensive wilderness survival book, or want advice on whether wilderness survival is critical knowledge for you, then this book is definitely written just for you.

Among others, this book answers the essential questions of:

1.) What is wilderness survival and how is it similar or different than survivalism?
2.) Do you even need knowledge concerning wilderness survival?
3.) What are the pros and cons of being associated publicly with wilderness survival?
4.) Does it have to cost a lot of money to get into wilderness survival?

This volume doesn't contain photos or illustrations and is produced in plain text. Please be advised that it is a short booklet, therefore explaining also the low price.

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ISBN: 9781310383045
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