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Enchanted(Encante, #1)

262 pages4 hours


Jayde Santiago only has two goals when turning 18: keep the partying to a minimum and stay away from her off again on again ex-boyfriend Antonio.
None of this matters when she meets Kohl a few days before. He is a dark eyed stranger that is telling her things she never thought were possible...but is it the truth? Are all the stories really true about the Amazon? Can the place she only heard about in stories growing up actually be real? Could she really be Encantado?

Kohl has been searching for the lost daughter since the beginning of his reign over Encante-North. Yet, he has no luck until he finds a green eyed beauty walking past him, effectively halting his search. Will he be able to look past her beauty to stop a war that has killed everyone he has ever loved?

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