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Cupid's Mistake, a Regency Romance

260 pages3 hours


Miss Cassandra Hathaway is beautiful, intelligent, and innocent. Lord Blytheland is handsome, intelligent, and sophisticated. A perfect match, yes? Lord Blytheland doesn't think so. After a disastrous marriage in which this widower suffered with a faithless, bluestocking wife, there's nothing he'd like worse than another educated miss with an unfortunate penchant for blurting out the painful truth. As for Cassandra, there's nothing she'd like less in her life than an illogical man prone to emotional outbursts--and never mind his good looks and devastating smile. Neither one of them figures on the tortuous machinations of Cassandra's little sister, Psyche, or Psyche's mischievous friend, Harry, and his arrows that cause people to fall very, very desperately in love.

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