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Infinite Blue Heaven: A King and A Queen: They Warred like Chess Players for Central Asia

344 pages5 hours


Caution: Includes themes of an adult nature.

An Erotic Historical Fantasy set in 17th Century Central Asia.

Set in the Steppes of Medieval Russia, this is the story of warring tribes, of King Vaslav and Shakira and Lord Bulya who is trying to take the throne. A white Russian with modern European ideas about art and warfare, he is, as yet, oblivious to the coup about to take place within the Palace walls, which will trap his Princess-lover Shakira. An epic adventure set in 17th Century Central Asia, battle in the desert, warring nomadic tribes, internecine warfare and political intrigues are all themes set out in this rich tapestry of adventure. Experience this medieval kingdom on the cusp of the industrial, modern age, but threatened from within by greed and desire.

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