Hannah Priest thought she’d found a safe haven when she opened her shop in Golden, Colorado. Having been born with the gift of seeing beyond the fragile shell humans presented to the world had left her sanity hanging in the balance, as the horrors of man were revealed to her. Seeking only a life of peace, she suddenly finds herself with a bull’s eye on her back, and the Dark is doing the hunting.
The Immortal Guardian, Saul, is called upon to save Hannah from the Dark, but he needs help. His search for a warrior to protect Hannah leads him to Jaxon Riley. Jaxon, trained in the arts of war and death, agrees to help. But, from their first meeting, Jaxon and Hannah clash, leaving Jaxon wondering if he will do Hannah in before the Dark can.
Roman, also needing a human’s help, doesn’t have to look very hard to find a dark soul to be his killer. With very little coaxing, Roman plants the lust for blood in his puppet before pointing him in the direction of Hannah.
Death comes to call no matter what Saul does. But whose shoulder will it tap and claim as its own?
Published: Trafford on
ISBN: 9781490735665
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