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Braves and Businessmen: A History of Montana, Volume Three

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Montana’s history is rich, colorful, and full of excitement in this fully-illustrated third volume of the state’s history.

Montana Territory had 20,595 people in 1870 and the vast majority were Indians. Those Indians would fight for their lands, and much of the territory’s focus was on the Indian Wars raging across the state. By 1900 there were 243,329 people in the State of Montana and the numbers would only continue to rise as more and more businessmen got interested in the state’s natural resources.

Mining dominated the 1880s and 1890s, even as politics were changing both locally and nationally. The Panic of 1893 took the wind from the silver industry in the state, but coal mining remained strong. And mining men like Marcus Daly and William A. Clark did everything in their power to get their way politically. It was a raucous time in the state and the three decades, its people and places, are all profiled.

Like the first and second volumes in this Montana history series, Tribes and Trappers and Priests and Prospectors, this third volume also takes a biographical approach. Montana’s history is told through the stories of the people who lived here, and from those stories we’re better able to understand how the state came to be what it is today. Discover why Montana is called “The Last Best Place” in this third volume of Montana history.

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