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What would you do if you believed that your church was more interested in profit than prophet?
This was the dilemma facing Frank McIvor. He had become disillusioned with the doctrine of the church that he had attended, and paid his tithe to, for the past 10 years, so he decided to do something about it.
He hired Lawyer Michael Henderson, and together they sued the church for not honouring its promise to increase his finances seven-fold if he tithed diligently. To do this they had to prove that this promise was not a God promise, as the church had taught and emphasised, but a church promise, and the onus was on the church to honour it.
To do this they took the church on in the area that it considered to be its strength, The Bible, in particular its insistence that the Bible was the inerrant 'word of God', and without error, and that they, the church, were in complete obedience to it. He set out to prove that its use of 'instant coffee theology meant that its doctrine was diametrically opposed to that of Jesus.
Because the claim was a secular one, the trial was held in a secular court. Henderson set out to prove the church was not only guilty of a secular deception, but that it's doctrine and worship practices were themselves a part of this deception.
When the fertilizer hit the rotary ventilator greed surfaced, leading to a loss of life.

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