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A Gypsy's Vow

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A sensible marriage to a titled land-owner, or run away with the charming stranger who stirs feelings in her she never knew existed? Bess has a difficult decision to make. The wrong choice could destroy her chance for future happiness.

A proper, level-headed woman. A handsome, wandering rogue.

Sparks fly between them, but does the innkeeper’s daughter dare leave behind all that’s familiar to run away with a gypsy?

After managing her drunken father’s inn for most of her adult life, Bess is presented with an offer of marriage from a member of the local gentry. She should be thrilled at the proposed match with a man so far above her station, but knows Lord Wallace is more interested in the income from her successful business than he is in her.

One day while shopping in the market, she meets a charming stranger who shakes up her world. She’s unprepared for the onslaught of powerful feelings Alexi rouses in her as he woos her with passionate intensity. Now Bess must decide what she truly wants from life and how she chooses to live her future.

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