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Glamour Puss

233 pages3 hours


Liam Knox is beautiful, hot, tempting and ultra-confident. Everything a high-priced fashion model should be. Detective Ellie Bassi isn’t denying he’s sexy as sin, but that’s not why she’s watching his every move. She’s following his toned behind for one reason and one reason only: to catch a murderer. And Liam is the prime suspect in the string of Glamour Murders.

Undercover as the head designer at Glamour Puss Designs, she’s on a mission to find a killer whose victims include the previous lead detective on the case. While every bit of circumstantial evidence points to the hard-bodied Liam, Ellie’s instincts tell her he isn’t the one. But someone with an inside edge in the Melbourne fashion world is, and she needs to uncover the killer’s identity before she becomes the next victim.

Note to readers: Content Notes non sexual graphic violence against women.

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