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Easy Exercises is about sneaking some exercise into your everyday routine for seemingly effortless exercise.

The book is for people who make New Year's resolutions to start jogging or to get fit quick – and then quit. It is also for people who think they have no time in their day to exercise. Some of the tricks are so easy – you may ask yourself, “Hey, why didn't I think of that?”

A number of the techniques could be classified as “extreme,” but not in the ordinary sense. Who in their right mind would park their car somewhere specifically to walk home for exercise? Or try to do two things at once – that’s not possible is it? What about taking some time off to exercise? Can you disguise exercise so it is not apparent you are exercising? Or distract yourself to the point that you don’t notice that you’re exercising? And what about people who are not allowed to exercise? Is there one particular stretch that would give your fitness program a boost to the point that you are no longer too injured to exercise? Have you ever heard of a “dieting” method that will conform to any other diet?

This is the 4th edition of the book. Please feel free to have fun with it.
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