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Booty (A Pirate's Tale)

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In 1714 the colonies are only beginning to form, and parts of Charles Towne in South Carolina is still as rough and ragged as the seaman at Adger’s wharf.
Desperate to find an answer to mounting debt and receding income, Young Anne Cormac is paraded through the society season by her father in hopes of finding a suitable young man to pay a hefty marriage tax and save the plantation.

The ball at Mary Calhoun’s mansion may signal the beginning of the season, but Anne quickly tires of the affair and seeks refuge on the upstairs piazza. There she is captivated by a masculine voice in a heated discussion in the alleyway below. As the confrontation escalates into an all out skirmish, she witnesses the final act that culminates in murder.

The town is still small, and she soon finds herself face to face with the murdering giant himself. In all the commotion Anne falls victim to an accident on the cobblestone streets of Adger’s Wharf that renders her unconscious.

Consciousness brings nothing but fear as Anne finds herself captive and under the care of the murderer and sometimes pirate James Bonney. Even in her predicament she finds him as dangerous and alluring as he had been the night he slit the man’s throat in the alley, yet she wonders just what will happen now.

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