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First Time Series Bundle (m/m erotica 5 story anthology)

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This is a bundle of the First Time Series, 5 unconnected, standalone stories about hot young men experiencing various first times. This 19,000 word bundle includes:

Birthday Surprise:

Jeremy Adams was the most handsome man in the entire state of Texas. He was also my best friend, and completely straight. But there was something in his eyes on the night of my 21st birthday. Were my fantasies from all these years about to come true? Or was I just dreaming again?

Bound for Trouble:

When I met Jamie, I was attracted to his good lucks and genuine kindness. His penchant for bondage and domination was unexpected, though. So here I am, arms and legs bound for the first time, waiting for Jamie to do with me as he pleases. And with my big mouth, I'm bound for trouble.

Hot Tub Fun:

Aaron is definitely straight. At least he thought so. But when he meets a free spirited man, nicknamed "Rooster" for a certain part of his body, he finds himself unable to resist spending time with this man. When they make their way to the hot tub at a friend's party, Aaron just may let go of his inhibition and have some fun.

First Time:

When I met Alex, a hot lead singer in a rock band, I was only 16 years old, but I fell in love with him instantly. He wouldn't risk being with me, though. Now that we're both adults, we finally get to be together physically. With over two years of built up tension and emotion, my first time will definitely be a night I'll remember forever.

Claimed by the Lovers:

"We have this fantasy..." With those words, Dan learns that his two friends want him to join them for one night in the bedroom. Dan is immediately plagued by doubts and fears of ruining the two lovers' relationship or the friendship between the three. Jack and Tyler are confident that they'll have no problem convincing Dan to help them act out their favorite fantasy.

Warning! These stories are meant only for adults who are lovers of hot guy on guy action. It includes depictions of threesomes, straight guys experimenting with other boys, bondage, and first time sexual experiences! It is not intended for those under the age of 18!

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