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MacGregor's Bride

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One foggy September morning Captain Bruce MacGregor sails boldly past the British warships blocking New London harbor, never suspecting that his life is about to change dramatically...
Busily pursuing housewifely chores, Lydia Masters is startled by a knock at her door. News of her husband's death at sea is bad enough, but nothing compares to the scandalously hot attraction she feels right off for the tall, handsome sea captain standing on her doorstep! Hoping a few sharp words will send him on his way, she picks a quarrel with the man.
Ah, but Bruce has not survived twenty skirmishes against the British navy, only to get chased off by such a beautiful, hot-blooded young shrew. Instead he sets out to charm the lady, even suggesting a delightful New England custom, the "smock wedding," as the proper way to keep her late husband's considerable debts from being passed on to... a fine, upstanding citizen like himself!
Swept away by his roguish smiles, Lydia soon finds herself naked as the day she was born, peeking over a modesty screen and repeating wedding vows to this black-haired rogue-in front of half of the town folk, too! Then, after one night of wedded bliss, this romantic patriot bids his bride adieu and sails away to defend American waters-and gets captured by the British!
Impatient for his speedy return home, Lydia embarks on a perilous voyage to rescue Bruce and his crew. Shocked by his bride's reckless behavior, Bruce soon learns there are no limits to what this woman's love may inspire her to do!

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