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Substitute Teacher

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“Thank God it was Friday!”, I said to Kelly, as the week had been long enough with the exams beginning next week and all the studying that I had been doing I really just needed a break, a moment to laugh and take a breather, something to release some of this pressure as my body felt tense and needed some TLC-tender loving cock.
Kelly slapped me on my ass as I whispered this in her ear shouting “Lisa, I cannot help you in that area!” Before I could open my mouth to respond, I heard strong stern male voice say “Lisa come to the front of the class and help me with something please”.
I turned around and was pleasantly surprised by this 6 ft 2 handsome gentleman in his early 30s, but who was he? Was the question I had which was clearly expressed by my face. The rest of the class had quieted down to pay attention and as I walked towards him he began to introduce himself “Good morning everyone my name is Mr. Jason Phillips and I will be sitting in for your lecturer Ms. Linton for this class, first let me apologize for her absence, but she had a family emergency to attend to.
However she said I should tell you all that all is well and all the best with your exams”. By the time I got to the front of the class he asked me to help him with to charts he wanted to put up. His voice was so commanding and strong, he was attired well in a button front plaid shirt and grey pants which seemed tailored made as they fit him like a glove. I also noticed that he had a great physique as though he worked out. As I put up the last chart and was giving him back the tape and scissors, my fingers barely made a connection with his as he looked at me smiled and said “Thank you for the help Lisa, you may take your seat now”.

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