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Four Coins: A Gay Erotic Romance

69 pages59 minutes


New York television soap opera heart-throb, actor Nathan Thorne, travels to Key West on an open-ended vacation from the pressures of the big city. He’s there to scout out the keys as possibly a new home where he can create the life he wishes to free him from the effects of a double tragedy in relationships and an even darker past he doesn’t want to face.

Having booked into the center of freestyle gay life activity on the key’s Duval Street, Nathan is immediately caught up in both the carefree gay male “whatever brings pleasure” atmosphere of Key West and in no less than four relationships offering him a widely divergent set of preference choices.

These are choices, however, that prove to be entangled with each other. Each offers both a release and a reconnection with the tragedies he is trying to escape. Only one man, however, the most incongruous and potentially most dangerous of those he links to, forces him to face his demons and points him to the path of satisfaction and healing. The question remains, however, which of these paths Nathan will choose to walk down.

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