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Mystic Seduction: Awakening Christians to a Real and Present Danger

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Many Christians today are swallowing a deadly poison disguised as spiritual enlightenment.

An insidious evil has invaded the Church, luring unsuspecting Christians into a seriously compromised form of Christianity. What makes it more dangerous, says author Greg Hammond, is that a number of highly respected Christian leaders have mainstreamed this deception into the lives of Christians who share our pews every week.

Under the guise of achieving a higher spirituality, seemingly innocent practices derived from pagan and Eastern mysticism are encouraging Christians to empty their minds of rational thought and open them to the world of spirit. But as Hammond makes chillingly clear, the spirits contacted may be neither higher nor benevolent. The stated purpose of these mystical practices is to achieve oneness with God by discovering “the god within you.” The deliberate effect, however, is to undermine belief in the transcendent God by lowering him into oneness with creation.

The ultimate goal behind this seductive takeover of Christian beliefs is to move Christian theology toward Eastern and Gnostic concepts, thus preparing it for the merger of all faiths into a single, worldwide religion.

In Mystic Seduction, Hammond sounds the alarm. He clearly unmasks the true nature of these destructive heresies and calls Christians everywhere to be vigilant in contending against them. This is a message you will want to pass on to others.

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