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War Letters

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Hal Collins’ war hero grandfather, Henry, always shied away from talking of his experiences in World War Two. Henry was on the long trek from the Anzio landing in Italy, through France, and to Germany, during which he was a survivor of the “lost battalion” at Monte Cassino and was wounded on the France-Alsace border.

While growing up Hal had to find out what all of Granddad’s medals were about from reading old magazine articles or sneaking peeks in his grandfather’s study. When his own father died Hal inherited his Grandfather’s cigar box full of notes and letters along with the request that he track down a certain private Henry had served with, or the man’s descendents. A now-grown man and a soldier himself, Hal discovers not only that the private kept his side of the correspondence, but also why Henry had been so reticent about his experiences in WWII.

Hal is in for yet another surprise when he finds the long-ago private’s grandson, Bud Montgomery.

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