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Trip Money

84 pages1 hour


Warnings: Contains M/M graphic age difference seduction, wall-to-wall graphic gay sex, graphic language, an unfaithful girlfriend and best friend, and a young man discovering it all and finding himself, wrapped up with a happy ending.

It was not a good day for Ben. He’d stumbled upon the sight of his best friend, Digger, in the sack in their shared university dorm room with his girlfriend, Stacey, who had put off his own advances because she was “saving herself for marriage.” Then suite mate J. D. both lets Ben know that Digger and Stacey had been going at it all semester and then comes on to Ben himself. Confusion sets in when Ben realizes that he was more attracted to Digger than to Stacey when he’d seen them in the act. Ben doesn’t know for sure who he wants, but he is soon put on the spot when Digger calls for a beach trip to his parents’ Nags Head vacation house for the whole gang. Ben doesn’t want Digger and Stacey going to the beach without him, but he doesn’t have the money for the trip.

Enter older gym buddy Clint with an interesting business proposition to help Ben earn his traveling money, a proposition that only adds to the pressures and confusions Ben has fallen prey to.

A shorter version of this book was previously published, with the same title, by eXcessica Publishing LLC.

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