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Death to Blonds: Stolen Judgment (A Gay Erotica Murder Mystery)

140 pages2 hours


New York gay Homicide detective Clint Folsom, to the consternation of his partner and current lover, Danny Thompson, appears to be sinking ever deeper into his fetish for almost-constant, on-the-edge rough sex. Danny doesn’t know half the danger Clint is in, though, when they are put on two cases, one the murder of a key witness in a mobster trial and the other a serial killer on a spree on the docks in lower Manhattan, and the victims all fall into Clint’s demographic: sexually active, insatiable, and edgy bottoms who are in their late twenties or early thirties and blond, who have movie-star looks, and who cruise the gay bars of Chelsea and Christopher Street. Clint only begins to understand the danger himself as he sees the two cases begin to intersect—at him. He sinks deeper into the web of want and need as he struggles with the decision of keeping his discoveries about the cases to himself to hide his sexual binges from his partner and lover, Danny, or to not make the mistake his former partner and lover, Brad, did by investigating on his own and possibly winding up dead, as Brad did.
This is the ninth detective mystery in the Clint Folsom series and is set, chronological, right behind the fourth book, Death in Eden.

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