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Doubled (A Gay DP Erotica Anthology)

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Warning BarbarianSpy Xtreme: contains graphic double penetration as well as some non graphic violence and initial reluctance.

For a seeker of stories featuring one of the most extreme gay male fetishes, double anal penetration, the hunt is often a frustrating one that requires extensive research for sometimes only tertiary satisfaction. That hunt is over. This anthology provides twenty-five stories by the prolific erotica author habu that each include at least one lesser or large scene of what you are looking for when you are in just “that” mood. These works run the gamut from being centered on men seeking that particular sexual coupling, like “Doubling Bets” and “The Exchange Students,” to excerpts of scenes including that sexual act from habu’s many previously published works. There is no need to search extensively for just a hint of a mention here and there—this anthology centers on this specific fetish, from the romantic to the exotic to the reluctant and dominated.

So, if you are so inclined, get comfortable, open up Doubled and prepare to double your pleasure. There is nowhere else you are going to find a collection as extensive and as focused on this particular theme.

This is a BarbarianSpy relaunch of the 2010 eXcessica anthology by the same name.

For habu’s double penetration stories written since 2010, see the follow-up anthology, Doubled Again, also available from BarbarianSpy in conjunction with this relaunch.

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