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Abba's Lament

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Angels were created long before Adam, and some of them once lived on Earth.

In Abba's Lament, Helel Ben Shachar (Lucifer) morphs from a faithful servant to a cunning foe. God (Abba), out of love and parental resolve, pursues his anointed cherub to get him to repent. But the Father is rejected and reviled. Evoking sympathy from Earth's angelic tenants through flattery and deceit, Helel wins many to his side. Those loyal to Abba realize that their peaceful and harmonious existence will never be the same. The first war begins and Earth becomes a useless and barren wasteland. "A spiritual thriller!", "wonderful and fast paced novella", "skillful execution of pacing and story telling."
"Your word patterns draw intricate images that are just fantastic and flawlessly creative. You don't waver from the world you so lovingly built, and there's nothing that abruptly yanks the reader out of the story. It's a wondrous world you've constructed, with the visuals woven in like they are characters. It's really interesting, and I can easily add that I've not read anything like it before."
Abba's Lament was previously published as Before The Beginning

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