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Caribbean Cruise Top to Bottom

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Cruising the gay Caribbean for more than the sun.

In this parallel view of a slice of cruising life from two different perspectives, two men, forty-seven-year old jeweler Doug and nineteen-year-old college student Chet, take the same five-day Caribbean cruise in search of a relationship.
Well-off Doug is definitely cruising to find a young man to “do” for him into his old age. Chet is somewhat hazily interested in finding the flip side of this arrangement. Doug knows he’s looking for a top. Chet, with little experience and only a desire, hasn’t decided what he’s looking for yet and his virginity is a hot topic with his straight fraternity buddies. The two searching men are taken in hand by a sexy, experienced Brazilian, who helps them both find satisfaction.
The question remains whether it will be with each other?

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