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Racing With the Devil

88 pages1 hour


Espionage and Murder, Terrorists and Betrayal in the Middle East.

Two hunky blonds play dangerous games in a U.S. embassy in this gay male novella of Middle East espionage and terrorism.

Two very similar-looking young, blond men, the first-assignment CIA technical support officer, Christ Carter, and the ambassador’s son, Sean Caldwell, have both arrived in an oil-rich Persian Gulf emirate. Both have been steeped in Muslim studies in their U.S. university studies and both are determined to take dangerous measures—and to prostitute themselves, as needed—to fulfill political objectives.

The emirate embassy seems isolated and insular, but looks prove deceiving as, in narratives by various characters, both of the young blonds and those around them—Arab royals, terrorist masterminds, American diplomats, spies, oil company executives, and even servants—become embroiled in a terrorist plot. A plot that has potentially explosive regional ramifications and more twists and turns than a corkscrew.

Characters become pitted against each other in a race with the devil, in both strategy and threat to life, that challenges the reader on just who is the devil.

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