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Heroes of the Forest, The Rise of Blackthorn

154 pages2 hours


Matthew is a young wizard unversed in the ways of magic. He had grown up happy in the magical forest with his mentor Windchime, where nothing bad ever happened. However he becomes thrust into a magical adventure when his father, Blackthorn who had been thought dead for years, returns to kidnap him.
While he flees from his father, he meets a Wizard named Bluespirit and his apprentice John. When Bluespirit hears of Blackthorns return, he immediately sets out to warn the council of wizards.
In order to reach the council they must journey through the magical forest, which is in disarray due to Blackthorns return. Matthew needs to learn magic and swordplay in order to defend himself, things Matthew had never even contemplated growing up.
Caught up in a war between good and evil, Matthew must face his father, but that will require strength and courage he can only obtain from those around him.

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