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Sandstorm In My Heart

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"Sandstorm In My Heart" - A Romantic Novelette by Faith Mortimer

She’s hot under the collar – and it’s not just due to the storm warning imminently expected to hit the Red Sea coast and Nubian Desert. Ann’s boss, tall handsome Jonathan has just dropped his bombshell. The archaeological dig, Ann and her colleagues are enthusiastically absorbed in, has run out of funding, and it’s all down to entrepreneur Conrad Knight.
The local Bedouin Ababda, together with ecologists and conservationists, are up in arms...they don’t want Ann and her team digging near the designated national park. Ironically they want to preserve the forever changing desert landscape it as it is.
As the storm clouds gather in intensity, dark, enigmatic Conrad arrives to explain his decision. But Ann refuses to listen and despite his warning about the pending sandstorm, flees into the desert in search of the elusive Ptolemaic temple which would solve all their problems.
At the site, the storm catches up with Ann and she is forced to seek cover. Sanctuary arrives from an unexpected quarter and Ann is forced to question her heart. Should she trust it with this unfathomable rescuer dressed as Lawrence of Arabia?

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