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Daylight Fading

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I pulled up to the bar, daylight fading fast around me, my bike revving to a stop as I took the key from the ignition.
I strode through the wooden swing doors, my eyes instantaneously falling on the dark beauty behind the counter. She didn't look up as I approached, but I soon learned that she'd seen me coming.
"Nice bike," she complimented, nodding with her chin at my beast through the window.
I gave a sly smirk, "Do you ride?"
"I do," she said, turning to point at a Harley with red and black detailing, parked around the side.
I quirked an eyebrow, impressed.
The ravishing woman smiled at me, catching my eye, "My shift's almost over..."
"Pour me a drink, then," I held her gaze, "so that the time goes quicker."
"Aren't you going to at least tell me your name?"
She didn't even consider it. She slipped past me, running her hands into my pockets, "What would be the fun in that?" she said, kicking up the stand on my bike before I even realised what was happening. She revved the engine as the shock set in, and then I did the only thing I could do: I hopped on behind her.
We rode like that for a while, the silence unbroken, her hair whipping behind her like a flag, my face nestled into the crook of her neck.

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