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Love's Ties

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Jenny Alder thought that she would be with Nick Samson forever. She was so sure that when she was eighteen and able to get a tattoo without her parents’ consent that she had his name tattooed on the small of her back. Now, two years later, she was expecting Nick’s baby but Nick couldn’t be with them and she wondered if he ever would be again. It wasn’t Nick’s fault that he wasn’t with them, at least not entirely. Jenny blamed Nick’s father who was an international businessman. He had sent Nick away on business to work out of their office in France and had given him an almost impossible work schedule and had asked Nick not to contact Jenny for at least six months. If he still loved her after that, then they would see if he could be moved to an office closer and they would see what would happen. Nick had reluctantly agreed to the proposition after he and Jenny had spent a passionate weekend making love in a remote cabin in the woods, and promising that once the six month break was over they could be together again and that Nick’s father would be unable to protest. The problem was that before their first month had passed, Jenny took a test and it was positive. She would be having Nick’s baby and by the time he could talk to her again, she would be showing heavily. She needed to tell someone and was frightened by what her parents would say so instead she broke the news to her best friend Maeve.
“You have to tell him, Jenny, he has the right to know,” said Maeve.
“What do I do drop him an e-mail and say I’m breaking the promise I made you to respect your father’s wishes. I hope you will too.”
“The promise you two made was made when you thought you’d be spending some time apart. You two belong together and were sure that you’d last. A baby was never part of the deal when you made the promise.”
“We weren’t trying to get pregnant; we just wanted to spend a weekend close to each other, to leave each other temporarily with amazing memories.”
“Did you use protection?” asked Maeve.

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