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Angel's Prey

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Valerie Vaughn is back and this time it's personal. When Valerie Vaughn foils an assassination attempt on her life, she unknowingly earns the bitter enmity of the assassin's wife, another professional killer known as The Angel of Death. The Angel of Death vows to first strip Valkyrie of everything she loves and only then to kill her in her misery.

Meanwhile, Valerie Vaughn continues her career at PIA, the private intelligence agency she works for, and continues to discover the ways in which working for a private contractor has different rules than working for the Unites States government. Will she discover that she and her loved ones are being stalked? Will she be able to prevent the Angel of Death from taking her revenge?

Mullany follows up on the well-reviewed debut with this excellent sequel. He continues to mine the vein of how the recent changes in how the United States conducts its business profoundly affects the type and manner of intelligence gathering that intelligence officers must undertake. Good use of humor, sex, and dialogue flesh out a rock-solid story.

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