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Finding Amnad: Duggan's Men Book 1 (Gay Erotic Romance)

60 pages53 minutes


BarbarianSpy: Gay Couples: erotic gay content, fetish, gay romance, domination.

Rough and ready tapioca plantation manager Duggan has always preferred young blond twinks who he can overpower and control. And in Thailand he discovers a new kind of man he can overpower and control. But on a visit to Washington, D.C., to document his company’s plantation operations, Duggan falls under the spell of a sexually refined Thai, Amnad, who he first encounters in a men’s club sauna, where the attractive Thai is calmly going through his yoga exercises.

Duggan discovers his Bangkok hotel is nearly next door to architect, opera set designer, and minor royal, Amnad’s canal-side Thai-style compound. And soon discovers that in Amnad he may have met his match.

This story was previously published as part of the Shabbu novel Yap Yap.

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