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Demonworld Book 2: The Pig Devils

368 pages5 hours


The epic Demonworld saga continues in The Pig Devils.

Wodan has returned to Haven, but his homeland no longer seems quite like home now that his eyes have been opened by the wasteland. When everyone around him is either deluded or possibly in on the conspiracy against him, Wodan’s only guidance can come from the broken circle of old men that he once considered his heroes.

Pontius, a city in the wasteland ruled by four gangs locked in an eternal orgy of violence, learns of the existence of Haven and its advanced technology. Boris, the Living Scar, plans a crusade to free the people of Haven from their lives of ease and open their hearts to the joys of his ancient, sadistic religion.

Mankind has been on the brink of extinction for so long that full-scale war has not been practiced since the time of the Ancients. Now, with the help of the flesh demons, war will return.

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